Friday, July 4, 2014

I'm alive, really! Graduation 2014 cookies!

As my friend Susie  recently pointed out, it has been a looong time since I blogged (like, since VALENTINE'S DAY!). . . I really wish there were more hours in the day!  I do keep my Facebook page up to date with all my current cookies, I just don't get back here very often.  I will try this again!  

The past few months have been really busy in my cookie world.  Graduation season was so busy!

The platter at the top of this page was for a friend whose son just graduated from Brentsville High School. This one was especially meaningful to me because my own son is headed there as a freshman this fall.  Guess I better stock up on orange and black food coloring!

My niece Nicole graduated from the University of Delaware a few weeks back and of course we had a big party! Nicole decorated her grad cap with a cute chevron design, so I made her some cookies to match!

Nicole's party was also a good excuse to try my new chocolate covered Oreo molds.   They turned out awesome and I can't wait to make more of them!

Ansley and Caroline are good friends who graduated from high school together and are off to JMU together this fall.  Ansley's mom Lori was a high school friend of mine, and I hope these two are still friends 25+ years later like we are!

Here are the rest of the grad platters I made this season:

Cookies for Bailey, who graduated from Osbourn HS and is headed to Christopher Newport to play basketball!
Cookies for Brianna, who graduated from Patriot HS and is going to Shenandoah University this fall.

Cookies for Connor, who graduated from Patriot HS and is headed to Marymount University to play baseball!

Cookies for Dayna, who graduated from OPHS and is headed to Liberty University this fall.

Cookies for Josh, who graduated from Battlefield HS and is excited about being a Kansas Jayhawk!
Cookies for Nick, who graduated from Oakton High School and is headed for University of Toronto this fall!  This platter also included the three musical instruments he plays, and recognized his EMT certification!  

Cookies for Travis, another OPHS grad, who is headed to Old Dominion University this fall.

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  1. Holy Moly, you've been busy! I would love to try one of those oreos, what type of chocolate are you molding? The 100# you carried back from SLC? Was it Guittard? Milk?


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