Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Valentines Day

I had a very busy Valentines season this year!   In addition to my kids' classroom parties, I made cookies for a local photographer to use in her "sweet shop" shoots, did a Valentines charity fundraiser, and made a few orders for folks to give their loved ones.

My neighbor Catherine is an amazing family photographer!  She specializes in adorably styled theme shoots with children.  When she asked me to make some Valentines cookies for her "sweet shop" theme, I couldn't wait to see what she came up with!  Look at these awesome examples of what she did!  If you are in Northern Virginia and want some creative and cute pictures of your kids, definitely look up Catherine!  Visit her facebook page for more examples of her work. 

This one is my absolute favorite! How cute is Catherine's daughter in her little Valentine baking outfit?

I was invited to participate in a fundraiser day to raise money for a team participating in the Cupids Undie Run to support the Childrens Tumor Foundation.  I had never done one before, but figured the week before Valentine's Day was a good time to try it!  I made a variety of Valentine cookies and cake balls and spent the day with some other fun vendors.     Here are some examples of what I sold at the event:
lots of message hearts

I was excited about making these - followed a tutorial from Cookies with Character - they were much easier to make than I thought!  These bunnies will be making another appearance for Easter, I'm sure.
this was the logo for the Cupids Undie Run race . . . it was so cute I had to make it into a cookie!

Boxed set of LOVE cookies

This was my favorite idea, and one I'll be using again.  Mini mason jars (half-pints), filled with mini cookies! 
These were a big hit
I also made some Valentine orders for people to give their sweethearts:
From Becky to Brandon (thanks Becky!)

From Erika to Michael (thanks Erika and Cathy!)

My favorite - from Kyle to Catherine, who is spending a few months in France as an au pair to two little girls!   One of my favorite things is seeing pictures of people enjoying my cookies.  Catherine blogged about her experience - and my cookies! - here.
Last, but not least, I made cookies for my two elementary-aged sons' class parties.   Valentines parties were delayed a week this year due to snow days, but I individually wrapped and heat-sealed the cookies and they kept just fine!

My 9 year old, Nicholas, took these minion cookies to share with his third grade class.  Thanks to an awesome tutorial by Amber at SweetAmbs, these were quite easy to make, and they were definitely a hit with his class!

My 10 year old, Ben, asked for hedgehog cookies, just like last year!  He LOVES his pet hedgehog and wanted to spread some hedgehog love and joy this Valentines Day!

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  1. All adorable! I had plans for jars of minis...good thing they never go bad, those glass jars! Just a few weeks.....


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