Thursday, October 3, 2013

three orders, one set of icing colors!

I overbooked myself a little bit this week, with three orders, totalling 7 dozen cookies altogether, due on the same day (I try not to do that to myself, but sometimes it happens!)   The saving grace here was I was able to use the same six colors for all three orders.   

These are cookies for a youth hockey team. The rectangles are a representation of their light blue jerseys.  I used light blue, dark blue, and white for these.  Thank you Dina!
Birthday cookies for my friend Sara's son Jack, featuring logos from his youth lacrosse team, the Tampa Tarpons.  I really liked the abstract-ish lacrosse stick from their jerseys!  Their colors are red, white and blue and I added the grey for some interest.   A whole box of these is in transit to Tampa right now for Jack!
We got together with Jack and his family while we were in Florida on summer vacation.   While there, he gave me his "vision" for his birthday cookies - basically he wanted large cookies for himself and tiny ones to share (such a 14 year old boy!)  We had lots of fun talking about how to make them. I even suggested making them say "Jack licked this cookie" to deter others from eating them.  While he loved that idea, I couldn't actually bring myself to do it - the bite marks were a compromise.  Hope he likes them - thanks for the order, Sara!
Finally, I had an order for a birthday platter to celebrate Trey's 13th birthday.  I had made cookies for his sister a few months back, so his mom wanted to surprise him with his own "favorite things" platter.   She told me he likes baseball, the Beatles and skateboarding, but otherwise left it up to me.   I came up with this combo, and used all of the colors from the other two orders.  I think it worked well!  Thank you Angel!

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