Sunday, July 28, 2013

Superhero cookies for a super boy


A couple of weeks ago, someone posted a picture of Super J cookies on our community facebook page, asking if anyone knew of someone who could make them.   Several neighbors immediately recommended me (wow!  that was awesome, some of them are people I don't even know!  Love word of mouth!).  I reached out to the mom and got some details.   She told me that two of her four boys share a birthday and they were having a joint birthday celebration.  She asked if I could do Super J for Jonah, Super B for Bennett, and comic book style Happy Birthday cookies!    Then, she asked, could I do a second set of cookies they could take to share with a medical team that was taking care of Jonah . . . she mentioned they are spending time in Philadelphia for medical care, and she wanted to take some there.   She asked for more Super J, Batman, and "Thank You" cookies.  No problem!

After Jonah's mom and dad picked up the cookies yesterday, I started thinking more about it.  I had recently heard a family in our neighborhood was going through a tough medical situation and it occurred to me it must be them.     And it indeed it was . . . Jonah has medulloblastoma, a cancerous brain tumor, and is undergoing treatment.   His mom Sarah is keeping a blog at to share their experiences.      I spent about an hour reading it last night . . . wow, what an emotional experience.  They are a strong family!

I was so honored to play a small part in Jonah and Bennett's birthday celebration, and to help thank the team that is helping rid his body of the cancer.    I heard from Sarah after the party, and she said the boys loved the cookies!  Jonah doesn't have much of an appetite right now, and he ate two of them.  I told her with news like that, I'd be happy to make cookies for Jonah any time!

I started this cookie experience to support my Komen 3 Day for a Cure  . . . and one of their mottos is the reason we walk is because "Everyone Deserves a Lifetime".  That's certainly the case for Jonah as well . . . here's to many more birthday celebrations!!


  1. Thank you again, Rachel!! Not only were the birthday cookies amazing, but the set you made for the medical staff at the proton center in Philly was a complete hit! Everyone was so impressed that they not only looked perfect, but tasted absolutely delicious! Some people wanted to know where your bakery was located or if they could order online! You're so talented :)

  2. Such beautiful use of your talents and skills. I applaud you.

    Jill FCS


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