Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy 13th Birthday Lexi!

The mother of one of my oldest son's classmates asked me to make cookies for her 13th birthday celebration.  She wanted a "favorite things" assortment and an Amazing Race platter for her party.
As always, I really enjoyed making the "favorite things" platter.  This time, it included Lexi's favorite colors (pink, purple and turquoise), her favorite books and movies (Hunger Games and Harry Potter), her favorite accessories (purple chucks and white sunglasses), and her favorite activities (ice skating and the neighborhood swim team).  fun!!

This Amazing Race platter had all the symbols from the TV show.  Lexi and her friends were going to have their own "amazing race" game for her party - hope it was fun!

Thank you for the donation, Stephanie!  How did our babies end up as 13 year olds?? Seems like just yesterday they were starting kindergarten together.

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  1. How fun, and amazing race party! The cookies are great!!!


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