Saturday, June 22, 2013

Welcome Home Grayson: Adoption Party cookies!

I was honored to make a set of cookies to take with me to a very special party.   A wonderful couple in my neighborhood recently adopted a sweet little boy from China.   Gigi and Tony are such great parents already, and I loved being a part of their celebration!

Gigi kept a blog of their preparations for Grayson, their trip to China, and their welcome home.  This blog gave me so much inspiration for these cookies!     I loved the wallpaper featuring the Chinese symbol for "love" so I had to cookie that.  Then of course the all-American baseball and football themed bedroom they lovingly prepared for him inspired the sports cookies.  Finally, there is SO much love for Gigi, who is a beloved kindergarten teacher at my kids' school, I had to fill the platter with lots of hearts.

As I have said before, my FAVORITE part of making cookies is seeing a happy customer enjoy them.  Grayson held on to his cookie for a little while before finally trying it hesitantly.   Once he did, he was hooked!   What a sweet little boy.

Some of Gigi's dear friends planned this party, and they did such a great job.   Our friend Amy dreamed up this adorable cake - she had the bakery write "We Found the Missing Piece" on top of the cake, leaving enough room for a special cookie she asked me to make - a heart puzzle with the names of this new family all together.  LOVE THIS IDEA!!  

The lovely dessert table.  Such a sweet display!


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  1. So cute! All of it is amazing. Um, looks like that bakery needs to borrow your KopyKake......that child is adorable!


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