Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Horse birthday cookies

I was asked by a friend to make these cookies for a little girl who has had a rough year.   She gave me free reign on design, but gave me some information to work with .  She told me that Allison loves to ride horses.  She also told me that her favorite color was pink, but she recently changed it to sky blue because that was her dad's favorite color.   Allison's father very unexpectedly passed away recently, and she and her mother were coming to visit my friend's family during the week of her birthday.   My friend wanted to do whatever she could to brighten Allison's birthday.   With that kind of background, I was determined to make a very special birthday platter!
I am grateful once again to Callye (otherwise known as Sweet Sugarbelle) for her incredibly helpful tutorials!  With her virtual instruction, I made these adorable horse faces from a flipflop and star cookie cutter - how fun is that??
The best part of making these cookies was meeting sweet Allison in person.  She came with my friend to pick up the cookies and seeing her face light up when I showed her the platter made my whole day!   A tray of cookies won't make her stop missing her dad, but it did bring a smile to her face.
Thank you for the donation, Hillary!  And thank you for asking me to be a part of a special celebration.  You are a good friend to Allison and her mom!


  1. These are PERFECT! I love the color scheme!

    1. Thanks Callye! I couldn't have done these cookies without you :)


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