Monday, May 20, 2013

It's Graduation Season!

It's definitely graduation season! I have made a few platters recently, and have a few more to do in the coming weeks. I love these little caps and diplomas, and I really enjoy making each platter personal to the graduate. They each worked hard to get to this point, I love having my cookies play a part in their well-deserved celebrations!

This platter was for my niece's cousin Joanne who just graduated from George Mason University.  Congratulations Joanne, and I'm so sorry I had to miss the party!

The Virginia Tech platter above was for Greg, who earned his Masters of City Planning this week!  Congratulations Greg, and thank you to your wife Jen for her donation!

This platter was for Tamara, who also graduated from VT this weekend, with a degree in Spanish!  This was my first bilingual cookie set (ha!).  Congratulations Tamara, and thanks to my mom who made a donation to buy these cookies as a gift for her family!

Thank you Lisa for your donation for this Penn State cookie set for her niece Ashley.  I was thrilled when I saw how well they went with the cake you ordered.

And finally, this platter for Savannah, who graduated from high school this week.   She's off to West Virginia University next year, and her mom is so proud!  Congratulations Savannah, and way to go Paula, your little girl has done it!

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  1. Just when I thought I was done with Grad Cookie Hell, I get an email from my friends sister....I was looking forward to putting away that hat and diploma for a year!!! These are all gorgeous!


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