Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Happy 11th Birthday, Ellie!

This was such a fun set of cookies to make!  My college friend Sara called me recently to ask me to make cookies for her daughter Ellie.   Ellie is a girl who knows what she wants (not unlike her mama!!).   When Ellie got on the phone, she told me in detail what she wanted . . . coordinated, but different, sets of cookies for her classmates, soccer teammates and family!     With her directions in mind, I got to work!
Turquoise and brown soccer balls for the team.  I personalized them with E for Ellie and the number 11.

"Happy Birthday Ellie" plaques for her classmates.

Assorted turquoise and brown "happy birthday" cookies to share with family.
I loved the phone call I got from Ellie and her mom tonight when she received the cookies in the mail.  Who would have thought when Sara and I met in 1987 that I'd be making cookies for her sweet girl all these years later?   Thank you for the donation Sara, and thank you for being such a dear friend all these years!!

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  1. very cute! You must be very good at soccer balls by now!


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