Sunday, May 5, 2013

Ben 10 cookies and cake for my Ben Ten!

My son Ben has been a fan of the cartoon series "Ben 10" for years now . . . so I knew exactly the theme for his tenth birthday treats!

I made Ben 10 logo cookies for him to share with his classmates at school.   They were a hit with his friends when he distributed them at lunchtime!  Those fourth graders got a kick out of the theme, many of them saying, "OH, I GET IT . . . Ben 10 for BEN who is TEN!!"  hahaha.

I also made a cake for Ben to have with his friends before heading off to see "Iron Man 3".   Every time I decorate a cake I'm reminded how much I prefer decorating cookies, but this one turned out ok.  Ben and his friends were happy with it, and that's what counts :)



  1. what is Ben 10? I thought they were awesome, had no idea it was from a cartoon. Heading over to Google to expand my knowledge!

    1. Susie, did you get educated on this exciting cartoon? aliens and a hero named Ben, very cool stuff for little boys!


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