Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Musical Thank You cookies

The music teacher at my kids' elementary school asked me to make some cookies for her to give the fourth and fifth grade teachers to thank them for their help and time in getting all of their classes through recorder lessons!  As the parent of a fourth grader, I heard my share of recorder practice from only one child - those teachers were brave souls to have to listen to an entire class full of them!

I squished two cutters together to make this "musical" thank you cookie - I'm pretty happy with how they turned out!

Thank you for the donation, Jess . . . and thank you for being such a great teacher for my boys!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Happy 11th Birthday, Ellie!

This was such a fun set of cookies to make!  My college friend Sara called me recently to ask me to make cookies for her daughter Ellie.   Ellie is a girl who knows what she wants (not unlike her mama!!).   When Ellie got on the phone, she told me in detail what she wanted . . . coordinated, but different, sets of cookies for her classmates, soccer teammates and family!     With her directions in mind, I got to work!
Turquoise and brown soccer balls for the team.  I personalized them with E for Ellie and the number 11.

"Happy Birthday Ellie" plaques for her classmates.

Assorted turquoise and brown "happy birthday" cookies to share with family.
I loved the phone call I got from Ellie and her mom tonight when she received the cookies in the mail.  Who would have thought when Sara and I met in 1987 that I'd be making cookies for her sweet girl all these years later?   Thank you for the donation Sara, and thank you for being such a dear friend all these years!!

Wednesdays 4 Women Logo Cookies

I made these cookies for a customer to share with a ladies' church group.  Hope the Wednesdays 4 Women group at McLean Bible Church enjoyed this set of cookies!  Thank you for your donation, Angel!

Monday, May 20, 2013

It's Graduation Season!

It's definitely graduation season! I have made a few platters recently, and have a few more to do in the coming weeks. I love these little caps and diplomas, and I really enjoy making each platter personal to the graduate. They each worked hard to get to this point, I love having my cookies play a part in their well-deserved celebrations!

This platter was for my niece's cousin Joanne who just graduated from George Mason University.  Congratulations Joanne, and I'm so sorry I had to miss the party!

The Virginia Tech platter above was for Greg, who earned his Masters of City Planning this week!  Congratulations Greg, and thank you to your wife Jen for her donation!

This platter was for Tamara, who also graduated from VT this weekend, with a degree in Spanish!  This was my first bilingual cookie set (ha!).  Congratulations Tamara, and thanks to my mom who made a donation to buy these cookies as a gift for her family!

Thank you Lisa for your donation for this Penn State cookie set for her niece Ashley.  I was thrilled when I saw how well they went with the cake you ordered.

And finally, this platter for Savannah, who graduated from high school this week.   She's off to West Virginia University next year, and her mom is so proud!  Congratulations Savannah, and way to go Paula, your little girl has done it!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

Mother's Day is a fun occasion to make cookies!   Lots of bright colors, flowers and butterflies, all to celebrate the moms in our lives!

I made this first platter for a neighbor to share at a family celebration.  Thank you for the donation, Kellie!
I used the same type of flowers and butterflies to make a set for a dear friend of my mom's.  She was in town visiting, then off to visit her daughter and grandchildren just in time for Mother's Day.  My mom surprised her with a tin of special cookies to share with them!  Thank you for the donation, Mom!
Last, but not least, I made this little set of cookies for MY mom!   I've been thinking about this type of flower design for a while, and knew Mother's Day was just the time to do it.  I really like how they turned out!


Saturday, May 11, 2013

Baseball cookies

I made this set of cookies for the Robinson Rams baseball team . . . it was for their Senior Night celebration.  I was excited to make them again - I had made this set for them last year!   I have had issues with my edible image supplier, so I didn't do the Rams logo cookiess again.  I think I like these baseballs with the "R" logo from their hat even better anyway!
Chase Bailey - #20 on the team - is the son of one of my high school friends.  I am so excited for him - he's been offered a scholarship to play baseball at the College of William & Mary, my alma mater!   Go Chase!  Go Tribe!
Thank you for the donation, Amy!   I loved helping you celebrate your son's team again this year!


Monday, May 6, 2013

First Communion cookies

I made these cookies for a first communion celebration on Saturday.   I liked the contrast of the blue cookies with the white flowers a lot . . . will be making those again!

I also made chocolate cake pops for the celebration.   I realize now I didn't take a picture with them wrapped .  . . but you can see in this picture how nicely they coordinated with the cookies!

Thank you for the donation, Alice!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Ben 10 cookies and cake for my Ben Ten!

My son Ben has been a fan of the cartoon series "Ben 10" for years now . . . so I knew exactly the theme for his tenth birthday treats!

I made Ben 10 logo cookies for him to share with his classmates at school.   They were a hit with his friends when he distributed them at lunchtime!  Those fourth graders got a kick out of the theme, many of them saying, "OH, I GET IT . . . Ben 10 for BEN who is TEN!!"  hahaha.

I also made a cake for Ben to have with his friends before heading off to see "Iron Man 3".   Every time I decorate a cake I'm reminded how much I prefer decorating cookies, but this one turned out ok.  Ben and his friends were happy with it, and that's what counts :)