Thursday, March 7, 2013

"Favorite Things" birthday platter

My co-worker Tula asked me to make a birthday platter for her boyfriend Ben.  She wasn't sure exactly what she wanted, so she sent me an e-mail with these ideas:

-    Batman
-    Star Wars
-    Sound guy/film stuff (like headphones, microphones, mixing boards, film reel, etc…)
-    A few love-y ones, like hearts or xo’s, etc…
-    Since we have two dogs, anything dog-related, like paw prints, or something?
-    Turtles (we like turtles haha)
-    Plants, flowers, veggies or fruit (he loves plants and is starting a garden)
-    Can you do one that says “Myspace”?  hahahah.  Because we met at a party and then he found me on myspace and we started emailing there and the rest is history. 

How's THAT for a random collection of stuff??  I decided, "what the heck!" and proceeded to put together a platter containing a little bit of everything!

This ended up being a fun collection of cookie techniques.  I made the "sound guy" stuff and Myspace logo using my new toy the Kopykake.  I used my favorite Star Wars cookie cutters, and my new paw print cutter.  I had some cool wafer paper seed packet images I got for free at CookieCon, and they were a lot of fun to use.- will be buying more of them!  Finally, I used some sprinkles and disco dust to bling some of the simpler the cookies out .. . all in all the most eclectic collection I have ever made!

Thank you for your donation, Tula!  I hope this is the first of many "favorite things" cookie collections.  What would you put in yours?


  1. I did one of these a few years ago fro a friend of my son turning 21. Needless to say there were beer bottles involved. It is a fun concept, but if you don't have icing stored up, you spend hours coloring and bagging!!! These are great. Hope spring gets there soon!

    1. a 21st would be fun! I agree - you could end up doing way too many icing colors. I limited it on this one - i think there were only 4 or 5 colors. I loved using the wafer paper transfers (they were from our cookie con goodie bags!) - a great way to add lots of color easily. Have you used yours?


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