Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

I made this platter of cake bites to take to my mom's for Easter dessert.  I had tried to make a special Easter cake too (this one from the Partiologist). . . but it was, to use an overused term, an EPIC fail!!  Glad I had already planned to make cakebites from the leftovers!    The doomed cake will become cake bites too . . . I just crumbled it up and put it away for another day.  

These carrots were fun and easy to make - just a variation on the strawberries I made recently!  I may start a whole new tradition of making versions of healthy produce into sugar coated fun!

Hope everyone had a great Easter!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Baptism Cookies

A sweet neighbor recently had her third baby and she asked me to make cookies for his baptism.  I made a platter of plaques with name and stenciled crosses.   I also made some special cookies for his big brother and sister . . . hope they help with any new baby jealousy they might be feeling!

Umbrella Logo Cookies

A friend of a friend asked me to make these cookies for a going away party for a co-worker.  This person liked to say projects were "under his umbrella," so umbrellas were the theme of his party.   they asked me to make cookies to match a logo umbrella they got him.

Thank you for the donation, Jennifer!

Friday, March 22, 2013

4 sets of cookies from one set of colors!

I had four small platter orders to make this week . . . for a wide variety of themes!  There were Easter eggs, a birthday platter for a 15 year old girl who likes running and soccer, a bridal shower gift platter, and a baby boy gift platter!    In figuring out my strategy for all of them, I realized I could use the same colors, and went with a palette of yellow, pink, blue and black!  I added a bit of purple for the bridal platter as well.  Funny how the same set of colors can create such different looks.


Logo Cookies

When I launced my Facebook page a few weeks ago, I posted the link on my community Facebook page.  I have gotten some great jobs out of doing so!  This one was cool . . . a family in the community owns a company called Caliber Design, Inc., a mechanical/electrical/plumbing design company.    They were looking for some cookies to use in marketing to new clients.   I took their logo and put together these cookies.   Hope they got some sweet new business from using them!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Champagne (cookies) and Strawberries

As I mentioned before, a friend of mine has put together a monthly "Women on Wine" group so we can get together to try a specific kind of wine each month.  This month's theme is Sparkling Wine.  I'm going to head to my favorite wine store on the way and pick up a bottle of Cava or Prosecco, but I also wanted to bring some treats.    When I think champagne, I always think strawberries and chocolate . . . but I wanted to do something a bit different than actual chocolate covered strawberries.  It was the perfect opportunity to try the idea recently posted by Lisa, the Bearfoot Baker, for chocolate covered strawberry cake bites!!   Following her step-by-step tutorial made these sooo easy!     The only thing I did differently was to use chocolate fudge cake filling inside instead of strawberry as she did . . . they will be extra decadent.
Served on a tray with some sparkling wine cookies, these will be a fun addition to the party!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

St Patricks Day Soccer Balls

What's black and white and green all over?   Saint Patricks Day soccer balls, of course!   I know that sounds like a weird combination, but in the world of travel soccer, it's not!  There are lots of tournaments going on this weekend - these cookies are going to four different tournaments all over the state of Virginia!  

One set of cookies is going to a girls' team . . . in addition to St. Patrick's Day, Sara will be celebrating her birthday with her teammates on the soccer field!  Thank you for the donation, Susanna!

I made this set of birthday cookies for a fun little guy.  I have known Nathan since he was in a baby carrier on the sidelines with his mom while his dad coached his older brother and my middle son.  It's hard to believe he's turning 5 already!   He's spending the weekend with his family at yet another soccer tournament . . . so I made these cookies to take along and celebrate!  Happy Birthday Nathan!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

This weekend's cookies

Made this little platter for a friend to take to a bridal shower tomorrow.   Love the brides' colors - celadon green, navy and coral.  Hope she likes them!  

My favorite part:  a little flower on the groom's lapel :)

Thank you for the donation, Catherine!

I also made a set of baby shower favor cookies - little baby strollers to match the image on the paper products for the shower.   The wheels turned out a little wonky, but I think they are cute.

Thank you for the donation, Tracie!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

"Favorite Things" birthday platter

My co-worker Tula asked me to make a birthday platter for her boyfriend Ben.  She wasn't sure exactly what she wanted, so she sent me an e-mail with these ideas:

-    Batman
-    Star Wars
-    Sound guy/film stuff (like headphones, microphones, mixing boards, film reel, etc…)
-    A few love-y ones, like hearts or xo’s, etc…
-    Since we have two dogs, anything dog-related, like paw prints, or something?
-    Turtles (we like turtles haha)
-    Plants, flowers, veggies or fruit (he loves plants and is starting a garden)
-    Can you do one that says “Myspace”?  hahahah.  Because we met at a party and then he found me on myspace and we started emailing there and the rest is history. 

How's THAT for a random collection of stuff??  I decided, "what the heck!" and proceeded to put together a platter containing a little bit of everything!

This ended up being a fun collection of cookie techniques.  I made the "sound guy" stuff and Myspace logo using my new toy the Kopykake.  I used my favorite Star Wars cookie cutters, and my new paw print cutter.  I had some cool wafer paper seed packet images I got for free at CookieCon, and they were a lot of fun to use.- will be buying more of them!  Finally, I used some sprinkles and disco dust to bling some of the simpler the cookies out .. . all in all the most eclectic collection I have ever made!

Thank you for your donation, Tula!  I hope this is the first of many "favorite things" cookie collections.  What would you put in yours?

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Wedding cookie platter

I made these cookies for a friend to take to a bridal shower later today.   She asked for a fun bridal assortment for the bride and groom to share.   I used some disco dust to give the diamond and champagne a little sparkle!

Thank you for the donation, Angela! 

Baby Shower Cookies

My former co-worker and 3 Day teammate Jen asked me to make some cookies for a baby shower she's having today.    She sent me a Pinterest link that went right to one of my favorite cookie blogs - Glorious Treats!   I have made these little square bunting cookies from Glory's fabulous tutorial before, and I was super excited to make them again.

Jen's friends don't know the gender of their baby, so we went with a yellow, turquoise and pink theme.    I made a platter of cookies for the dessert table, and 30 individually wrapped favors for all of the guests.

I hope your friend likes the cookies, Jen - and thank you for your generous donation!