Sunday, February 17, 2013

40th birthday cookies

This weekend my sweet friend Kristine celebrated her 40th birthday.  Her husband organized a fun outing with twelve of her friends (including me!) - we took a limo ride and visited two area wineries for an afternoon of winetasting and conversation.  It was a great time!  Then after that, we returned to her house for a party with lots of friends and neighbors. 

Kristine has been a great supporter of my cookie fundraising (she ordered Cars cookies for one son's birthday, cheerleader cookies for her daughter's team, and these lacrosse cookies for her oldest son's team), so I wanted to bring some cookies to celebrate!    I was really happy with how this platter turned out - wine glasses and flowers and 40's!

I also made the birthday girl her own little bag of cookies . . .

There were other 40th birthday celebrations going on this weekend too!  My co-worker Anna asked me to make a platter to take to a girl's weekend to celebrate her friend Laura's 40th.  Thank you for the donation, Anna!

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