Saturday, February 23, 2013

100th blog post: Busy Week! with a giveaway!


I was excited to put together this blog post to document a busy cookie week . . . then I realized this post was sort of a big deal - it's my 100th post!   I am sure not too many people have read all 100 posts (except maybe my mom - hi mom!), but it's a big deal to me!  I have really enjoyed turning this little cookie/baking hobby into a successful fundraiser for a cause important to me, and also enjoyed improving my skills and meeting wonderful people along the way.

As the title says, this was a busy cookie week.  I had two orders - for a baby girl and a thank you platter for a dog walker - plus I took a platter to a party.    In the process of making these, I tried a couple of new things.

I used my new Kopykake to do some doggie portraits.  . . . fun!  This doggie platter was for a friend to give a client who is a dog-walker.  Thank you for the donation, Terri!

In this baby girl platter, I used a new stork bundle cutter I've been wanting to try, and I also tried "gluing" ribbons to bib cookies with royal icing.   Fun again!   Thank you for the donation, Angela!

Speaking of fun, this wine glass platter was for a fun group of ladies.  A friend from high school put together a monthly "women on wine" wine tasting group.  Each month, we'll meet to learn about and taste a type of wine.  I missed the first month, but this past week, I was lucky enough to attend the "Pinot Noir" night.  We had a great time tasting a variety of pinots, learning about the varietal, and chatting with some lovely friends.  I used to be in a book club, which was really just an excuse to get together and chat and drink wine . . . I'm liking this group, which cuts straight to the chase :)

Now for the giveaway. . . to celebrate my 100th post, I will give away a platter of cookies at random to someone who comments (hoping I get some comments here . . . )  Leave me a comment with your favorite cookie theme, and you just might win!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

40th birthday cookies

This weekend my sweet friend Kristine celebrated her 40th birthday.  Her husband organized a fun outing with twelve of her friends (including me!) - we took a limo ride and visited two area wineries for an afternoon of winetasting and conversation.  It was a great time!  Then after that, we returned to her house for a party with lots of friends and neighbors. 

Kristine has been a great supporter of my cookie fundraising (she ordered Cars cookies for one son's birthday, cheerleader cookies for her daughter's team, and these lacrosse cookies for her oldest son's team), so I wanted to bring some cookies to celebrate!    I was really happy with how this platter turned out - wine glasses and flowers and 40's!

I also made the birthday girl her own little bag of cookies . . .

There were other 40th birthday celebrations going on this weekend too!  My co-worker Anna asked me to make a platter to take to a girl's weekend to celebrate her friend Laura's 40th.  Thank you for the donation, Anna!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!


Happy Valentine's Day!  I got to make some fun cookies for this holiday of love!    First, I made a platter for a high school senior to give her boyfriend . . . a combo platter of hearts, x's and o's, and valentines with a little sparkle.  Hope he likes them!

Next up, a cookie platter for my husband.  He actually prefers his sugar cookies undecorated (he's easy to please when it comes to cookies at least!) so I made a couple of decorated cookies, but left most of them unadorned, just like he likes them.    This was a good excuse to try out the boxer short cookie cutter I bought a few months ago.

Last, but not least, I made 48 hedgehog valentine cookies for my two younger boys to take to school to share with their friends.   We have a pet hedgehog named Henry, so we are big fans of hedgehogs!  When I found some "Love and Hedgehugs" valentines, we knew what our theme would be this year!  I hope their second and fourth grade classmates like them.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

One Direction Cookies

I made this set of One Direction cookies for my niece Maddie's fourteenth birthday.   It was a fun use of my new favorite toy, my Kopykake projector.  You can't really see it in the picture, but I also used lots of disco dust edible glitter on the hearts and music notes.   I wrapped them up and put them in the mail to her today . . . she'll be sharing them with a few friends for a birthday party this weekend!   Hope she likes them!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Superbowl cookies!

Today is a big day in my house . . . Superbowl Sunday!   While we always enjoy watching the big game, this year it's extra exciting.  You see, we are diehard Ravens fans around here.   As long-time season ticket holders, we have been Ravens fans since the very beginning.    We're having a few family and friends join us to watch the game, so of course I had to make cookies!

I finally really got a chance to play with my favorite new cookie toy, my Kopykake projector!  After learning a bit about it at CookieCon, I came home and dropped some serious hints to my dear husband, who got me one for Christmas.  Once I got it out of the box, I was a bit intimidated by the thing.   While I played around with it a little, I put off trying to use it.   My boys were dying for me to make Ravens cookies to honor their favorite players and team, and I wanted to get the logo and numbers right, so I had to get to work.   Thank goodness for the many amazing cookiers who share their talents on Youtube and other online tutorials.  After watching a few of those, a lightbulb went off and a realized I had put the darn thing together wrong!!    Now that I know what I'm doing, I think I'm EVEN MORE in love with my new toy than I thought I would be . . .watch out world, I have a Kopykake and I know how to use it!  Now I just need practice!

Our favorite players