Tuesday, January 22, 2013

21st birthday cookies

I wanted to make cookies for my niece's 21st birthday but was stumped for a fun, cute idea.  I searched my favorite source of inspiration - Pinterest - and found these adorable cookies made by Stephanie at JackAndy Cookies.    They were just what I had in mind, so I gave it a shot! 

Nicole loved the cookies, and I found a great new source of inspiration.  There are a lot of amazing cookiers on the web.    Thank you for the inspiration, Stephanie . . . . and happy birthday Nicole!


  1. You constantly amaze me! I do not know how you find the time with a full time job and three (4 if we count Jim) busy boys!!! Your posts are always positive and inspire me to bake!

    1. Thanks Anonymous :) i find the time late at night or very early in the morning! I love decorating cookies when the rest of the house is asleep, it's relaxing!

  2. So cute! I did a platter of 21st for a boy...beer bottles, frat logo...how fun to do a girl platter! Adorable!


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