Sunday, December 16, 2012

Chocolate Snowflakes

I have been dying to trying LilaLoa's chocolate cookie recipe for a loong time, especially after my friend Susie at  Sweetie Petitti went on and on about how good the dough was.   My neighbor's cookie exchange was finally my excuse.

Susie was RIGHT . . . .the dough is downright addictive.    The  baked cookies are pretty good too!

Had a great time at the cookie exchange, and I'm really glad there were a few of these left.  These might be my new favorite cookies!  If you are looking for a fabulous rolled chocolate cookie recipe - look no further.  Run, don't walk, over to LilaLoa's blog.

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  1. Yep, remind my sweet husband that, once again, I am right! Hahaha! I love these cookies so much. Wait til Valentines when they are topped in pink...charming and delicious!Merry Christmas. I do not have your address to send a card, nor your phone number, as Costello and I commiserate daily via text!


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