Monday, November 5, 2012


I just got back from one of the most fun events I have been to in a very long time!   I spent the weekend at CookieCon, an amazing cookie art convention and show.  It was a great event in so many ways.  I met dozens of incredible women, and we laughed together, learned together, and we were inspired together! 

Our fun group . . . .we met up Friday night and spent the rest of the weekend together.  
MaryKate, Laura, Amanda, Julie, me, Susie, and Becky
On top of that, I got to meet some of the fabulous bloggers who have taught and inspired me from afar - in real life! That was just amazing. Now when I read their blogs, I will hear their actual voices and see their faces. Love it!   It was so fun meeting and learning from Callye, Elizabeth, Glory, Pam, Ali B, and Maryann.  It was also great to meet Karen and Mike from Karen's Cookies, the couple who put on this spectacular event.  They are a first class pair!

Meeting three of my cookie heroes!   Sweet Sugarbelle, Arty McGoo, and Glory

Another cookie goddess - Maryann Rollins, the Cookie Artisan

Arty McGoo, making painting on a cookie look easy

I also got to meet Julia Usher, see her amazing work, and get a cookbook signed.  We had a great conversation about career changes - she started out as an engineer, then owned a bakery, and now writes cookbooks and teaches others her cookie techniques!    Julia was so encouraging and inspiring.

I was blown away by the talent of my fellow cookiers.  The entries in the Sugar Show contest were beyond my wildest imagination of what can be done with a cookie.  Warning:  this post has lots of pictures in it! 


Many great vendors provided giveaways and door prizes, and there was a great packaging display by BRP Box Shop.    The BRP folks were so awesome . . . I will be giving them my packaging business from here on out - small business, products made in America!   So many ideas, so little time!

My bags were full coming home!  Much of this was free swag, but I bought some of it. 
Can't wait to wear my new "Make Cookies Not War" t-shirt :)
On Saturday, we got to play around with many of the tools and techniques we had learned about on Friday.   It was great because I got to try out some things I thought I wanted and now know I don't need (airbrush), things I thought I wanted and now I must have (kopykake projector), and get some hands on instruction from some of my cookie gurus (fondant with Glory!  Ribbon roses with Ali B!) - awesome!
There was also a "mystery shape" contest - everyone got a very odd-shaped cookie (turns out it was a stretched-out ragdoll cutter) and a few hours to turn it into something special.  Once again, I was BLOWN AWAY with what my fellow cookiers came up with.  The collage below shows a few of my favorites (yes, these cookies are all the same shape, and yes, they were all made in a few hours.   (I will not be showing you my unworthy submission here!)
The adorable lady with the polka dotted hat in the upper right corner won!
Hotel had free happy hour each evening, with awesome local beer

Saturday night banquet!  Love these girls!

Amanda . . . if I ever go to Iowa, we're going out :)
I am still smiling from how great the weekend was . . . . really really hope to do it again next year!  


  1. Ohhhhh, I love these photos, I am so snagging them! What fun we had! So happy to have met you, and I enjoyed our early morning walks! Today? Well, its PJs and slippers.....

  2. What a great post... amazing photos... perfect event! And we get to do it all over again!!


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