Friday, April 27, 2012

Girl Scout Cookies

My neighbor Terri asked me to make some cookies for her daughter's Girl Scout banquet this evening, and I was really excited about the idea.   We talked through some ideas, and came up with this really fun theme, which follows the progression of girls through the girl scout ranks: Daisies - Brownie (bites) - Girl Scouts!

When I learned the girls were also celebrating earning the Girl Scout Silver Award - the highest award a Girl Scout Cadette can earn - I decided to make each them a special cookie to mark the occasion.I've been wanting to try using silver luster dust, and this was the perfect opportunity!  I think they turned out great, and hope the girls like them!

Thank you for the donation, Terri!

Wedding Shower Cookies

When a co-worker and I got together to plan a wedding shower for a girl in my office, I immediately knew I wanted to try some cookies I saw on Pinterest (these and these).     I really enjoyed making these mostly white cookies, and adding bits of Jessica's wedding colors, teal and black.  I hope she enjoys them!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sports birthday cake for Noah

My son Noah is really into sports . . . so much so that he wakes up early every morning so that he can watch ESPN SportCenter before he gets ready for school!   For his 12th birthday party, he had a few friends over to play sports video games and have a sleepover.    I decided to make him a sports-themed cake for the ocacasion.      This is a chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream frosting with decorated sugar cookies in the shape of soccer balls, footballs, basketballs, baseballs and hockey pucks.

This crazy cast of characters enjoyed it!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Cheerleader Cookies

I had so much fun making this little group of cheerleader cookies for a friend's daughter's cheerleading banquet this week!  They are sugar cookies with royal icing . . . and each one of them has her own personality.

 I hope these girls like them!

Thank you Cathy, for the donation to Susan G Komen.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! We are going to my mom's house for Easter dinner and our traditional Easter Egg hunt with the cousins. I am bringing dessert . . . carrot cake and homemade peanut butter eggs!     The carrot cake recipe is from Southern Living, and the little sample I cut out before putting it together was really good.  In addition to carrots, it has crushed pineapple, coconut and pecans.  Yumm.  I decorated the outside with cream cheese frosting and sugar cookies.

The other dessert I'm bringing is homemade Reese's chocolate peanut butter eggs.  As soon as I spotted this on Pinterest, I knew I had to make them for Easter.    Chocolate and peanut butter are two of my mom's favorite things. She gave up chocolate for Lent, so she'll be very happy to try these!

They taste just like storebought peanut butter eggs, without all the preservatives and mystery ingredients!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fool's Day Cupcakes

After spotting versions of these cupcakes all over the web, I knew I had to make them for April Fool's Day this year!  They were super easy to make, and turned out great!   The peas are runts and the carrots are orange starburst cut into quarters.    For the mashed potatoes, I used a thick layer of frosting, and created a "well" in the center.   I drizzled some caramel sauce for gravy, and added a starburst "butter pat" on top.    Fun . .. and very realistic looking!  For once, my kids were happy to eat their veggies.