Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My first donation customer (thanks Mom)!

My mom broke her wrist in December, and after weeks and weeks in a cast, she went through a course of physical therapy to help regain strength.   She really liked the women at the physical therapy office, and asked me to make a tray of goodies to thank them for taking such good care of her.   I made a tray of double chocolate cake bites with multi-colored sprinkles and packaged it up for her.

Although I would have done it for free (gotta take care of the people who take care of Mom!!), my mom wouldn't hear of it . . . she made a donation to my Susan G Komen 3 Day fundraising account.    

If you are reading this, and you have someone you'd like to thank . . . think about ordering some cake bites and make someone's day :)

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